Chair of the Board

(Required Officer Position)

Supervises the affairs of the organization and the activities of the officers Presides over meetings; acts as the face of the organization; holds secondary responsibility for the organization’s finances.


(Required Officer Position)

Takes minutes for the meetings; curates the bylaws and other important records; holds secondary responsibility for the organization’s finances; presides over meetings when the Chair and Vice Chair are absent.

Communications Chair

Posts about our events on social media; acts as point person for Telegram, Facebook, and other online presences; upholds the group’s values on online platforms.

Events Chair

Organizes the major events (Folsom Street Fair, Up Your Alley, Pride’s Leather Alley); Coordinates with the necessary individuals for the major events; upholds the group’s values during in-person events.


(Required Officer Position)

Acts as point person for the organization’s finances; collects donations; pays bills; maintains and oversees the bank account; files with the IRS.

Vice Chair of

the Board

Solicits volunteers; Coordinates volunteering for the monthly mosh and the major events; Manages the database for volunteer appreciation and “membership”; presides over meetings when the Chair is absent.

Head Of IT

Maintains our website, email platform, domain and hosting services.

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