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All are welcome: Please follow mosh rules!


  1. Please keep the following out of the play area: glass, hard sole shoes, smoking, or jewelry and gear that can cause injury. No sexual acts within the K9 Unit area.

  2. By entering the play zones you consent to play with others, including physical contact.  

  3. Don’t kiss, hump, bite, grab or pull tails and collars without getting consent. We encourage you to ask first and give clear indications of interests.

  4. We have active and quiet zones, please respect them.

  5. Any toys in the active zone are shared. We allow toys that can be cleaned and are safe.

  6. Respect the rules (dress code, etc...) of our host.

  7. If a host asks you to stop an activity, do so at once. Disagreements should be handled privately and respectfully.

Play safe, our mosh safe word is “SAFEWORD”.

Being in headspace is no excuse to not follow these rules

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